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The Cockleshell Heroes Full Movie In Hindi 1080p Download

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During WW2, German ships are "safely" docked upriver at Bordeaux, but the British send a team of kayakers to attack them.

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original title: The Cockleshell Heroes

genge: Action,War,Drama

imdb: 6.7

duration: 1h 37min

tags: Ten Brave Men Started Out on the Most Desperate Adventure of the War!

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A Royal Marine Reserve Major must work with a veteran Captain and a group of incorrigible recruits to attempt what is generally regarded as a suicide mission: the covert destruction of an entire German shipyard in occupied France. Based on a true story. During WW2, a German submarine base in Bordeaux seems impregnable, but it has to be destroyed and who better for the task than a group of Royal Marines led by Royal Marine Major Stringer. After a series of initiative tests, drills and selection the time approaches. The reviewers here so far like this film very much but seem to have various kinds of sentimental attachments to it. I don't have any--no memories of seeing it when I was young, no family, friends or acquaintances involved in the mission, no external notions from reading about it. I just watched it as a general moviegoer from the early 21st century. In my opinion The Cockleshell heroes has worn badly over the years.

The first part, covering the selection of the participants and their training, has very little information in it--a tiny bit about limpet mines, a scene of soldiers climbing rock cliffs (no such landscape shows up later in the mission), perhaps one potentially interesting challenge forcing the men to use their wits to move around the countryside, but more close-order drilling than anything.

Apart from the two officers and one soldier who goes AWOL to beat up a man who's been having an affair with his wife while he's away, there is almost nothing to distinguish one character from another. And there is no acting. The little tension between two officers leads only to a few moments of the two exchanging their points of view. Jose Ferrer delivers pretty much all his lines in the same tone of voice: it's a nice voice, it would be great narrating a documentary on some serious subject, but it has no emotional inflection in this movie.

But what really spoils this long first section of the movie is the abundance of "cute" vignettes. A parachutist lands in cow manure, a hitchhiker gets a ride with a ridiculous fast-talking matron, the near-naked men run past a group of nuns. Tired, old tropes even for 1955, and far, far too many of them.

Once the mission begins there is almost no dialogue, mostly scenes of men padding in their kayaks (called "canoes" in the movie). It's pretty dull stuff, and the director obviously thought music would be needed to keep audiences interested. But what awful music! On and on it goes, a symphony orchestra playing meaningless, vaguely military-sounding riffs non-stop, not in the least adapted to what's happening at the moment on the screen, just mindless orchestral noise that never stops. After a while I actually turned off the sound on my television to escape from the never-ending assault on my ears. And-- this is incredible-- during one supposed scene of deep thoughtfulness, when after a night of drinking an older officer is alone in a board room telling the sad story of his life to another officer, the same nonsensical orchestral tooting and shrilling continues ridiculously from beginning to end. It really should go down as one of the worst uses of music ever in the history of film making.

As for action scenes, there's not much and not presented with any suspense. The climax, with explosions, is depicted with a few models in a studio.

It's really terrible writing, terrible directing and an absence of acting. "The Cockleshell Heroes" is a film based on a real mission during World War II called Operation Frankton. The movie takes its name from the two-man collapsible canoes used in the operation. They were the Mark 2 Cockle canoes. Major Herbert "Blondie" Hasler was the commanding officer of the operation. He was a technical adviser to this movie, but disliked the title, which also was used for a book the next year. Hasler was unhappy with the film and walked away as technical adviser.

I haven't read the 1956 book by Brigadier C.E. Lucas Phillips, but have read other references for the history of the operation. The movie does follow the actual operation closely. But one can't tell how many of the smaller details in the movie are accurate or fictitious. For instance, the test that the commander puts the men through to see how wily they are in being able to evade capture and in getting to a target. And the backgrounds of the commander and his second in command. And, the names of all the characters are fictitious.

José Ferrer directs the film and stars as the commander, Major Stringer. His character is based on "Blondie" Hasler. Trevor Howard's character is Captain Thompson, based on Captain J.D. Stewart. In the movie, Thompson goes on the mission in place of a marine who is injured by a depth charge explosion that rocks their submarine. The real Captain Stewart did not go on the mission.

The mission was carried out by a Royal Marines unit known as the Royal Marines Boom Patrol Detachment. It was part of a special department of the British War Office called Combined Operations. CO's purpose was to harass the Germans with raids and special missions. The RMBPD was set up on July 6, 1942, based at Southsea near Portsmouth. The unit trained at an abandoned fort location on Portsea Island off the Portsmouth Harbor. The movie has Stringer as a reserve officer whose idea the operation was, and who selected his men from volunteers. That's mostly fiction. Hasler was an active marine officer and the men used for the operation were assigned to the RMBPD before the plan was ever hatched.

The port at Bordeaux, France, had been a major supply point for import goods to support the German war effort. From June 1941 to 1942, 25,000 tons of crude rubber had arrived through the port, and vegetable oils and other raw materials were brought into Europe for Germany. On September 21, Hasler submitted a plan for Operation Frankton. Using three canoes, he hoped to be able to sink six to 12 cargo ships tied up or anchored at Bordeaux, and then escape overland. The raid was approved on Oct. 13, 1942, but Admiral Lord Mountbatten who increased the number of canoes to six. Each would carry eight limpet mines to attach to ships.

The operation took place from Dec. 7 to 12, 1942. One canoe was damaged getting it off the submarine and those two marines stayed on the sub. The remaining five canoes headed for shore. One capsized and the two men died of hypothermia. Another was separated from the rest and the two men were found ashore later and surrendered. Two more canoe teams were caught. Only two canoes made it to the port and attached their mines. Hasler and his teammate, Marine Bill Sparks, set their eight limpet mines on four cargo ships and a patrol boat. The other team set its eight mines on two ships. One ship was badly damaged in the explosions, and five others had holes blown in them. But those five were soon repaired and back in service.

Hasler and Sparks were the only two to return of those who went on the mission. With the help of the French resistance, they escaped to Spain and made it to Gibraltar. The two other teams were betrayed by French gendarmes and turned over to the Germans. Along with the two men who had surrendered earlier, they were shot.

The Nazis had issued two Commando Orders. The first in July 1942 ordered that all Allied parachutists captured were to be turned over to the Gestapo. The second was issued by Adolph Hitler himself in October 1942. It ordered Germans to kill any commandos or small groups of saboteurs encountered. In the case of the British units who were in uniform, those orders were in direct violation of the laws of war. Uniformed forces were to be treated as POWs. At the Nuremberg trials after the end of the war, German officers who carried out those orders from their high command were found guilty of war crimes.

This is a very good movie about a real event that took place during World War II.


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